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VIVA LA Bazaaar - Oh Hannee eBOutique


Eloo people. Today I'm going to blog abt Viva La bazaaar that I joined last sat & sun . ^^ It was my 1st time joining bazaar . So far I had so much fun and experiences !

I was so excited after i paid the deposit and confirmed as one of the vendor . Get prepare everything , check stock , iroinning all the clothes , bla bla bla before the day .

On the day before bazaar ,was so worrying that the bazaar will not happening and nobody buy my clothes and I will rugi or wasting time T.T However I'm just so wrong .. there are so crowd and happening ! thanks for all the regular / new babesss who drop by my booth and buy pwetty clothes from me ! hope you girls like our clothes ya !

Too Bad I did not take alot of photossss.. wuwuwu T.T

Actually I really appreaciate that I have a bunch of lovely ji muis , heng dais , family and boyf .since they know I’ll be alone there so they will just come and accompany me regardless they are busy or tired . So touching nieh ! heart them lotss !


my leng zai ZWWW :D


My mama and I .
the photo with my papa and mama was blur T.T wonder who is the photographer . hahaha .. so jus don show my papa face la . haha

my lovely blossom who accompany me for half day ! love them much :D
* all prettty still single and available .. want to knw them just email me ! hahah :D*

do re mi fa ~~~~

Setting up a booth aint easy u knw ! sweat like hell .. T.T so pls forgive our ugly and messy face/hair. :(



my Lovely ahyannnnn !



my Lovely ahyannnnn and PAPA ahkok ! They purposely drop by visit me and bought us Chatime ! ! its so touching and sweet ! heart them lot * tears drop *

My Oh hannee eBoutique booth
special thanks to my kakak cus she helps me ironing most of the clothes so u girls can see nice nice and tidy clothes over my booth ! :D



OH MY GOD . I did not take photo with my sissy , jiaxing,uniboy , chris and boyf ! T.T they help me alot alot as welll ! heart you guys alot!

Oh ya , Oh Hannee eBOutique will upload new arrivals soon. just drop by my eboutique page if you had missed out the chance visit us at viva la bazaaar last week :D
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