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Halo People ! Haven't been blogging for quite a some time . T,T Laziness overwhelmed ! Now I'm having my Easter break  , I'm suppose to enjoying my holidays in anywhere in europe but I didn't ! Due to I'm going to sit for my Final in one month time T.T  .My last final perhaps ?  So everyday I have to study study study revision revision in this tiny small room .owh I miss my house and my kakak cus  kakak always cook good food to me when I'm struggling for ma exam. Now I have to cook not-nice-diet-slim food for myself everyday :((

Okay back to the topic . I knw everyone who study abroad /work abroad rely heavily on internet/ call to connect with their loves/families/friends in their country right ! So do I ! Homesick 99 .

 People often call with skype /Facetime but sometimes its so hard to contact them when they don have internet or they don't have 3G / don't have smart phone !

When I first reach UK I found it's so hard to rely on FaceTime/viber because sometimes parents/boyfriend r not connecting to internet / their line is no good ! Tat time really so bik cik when I have something urgent to tell.

So I tried to google and find is there anyway to call with cheaper rates (without changing the mobile network cus giffgaff is the best for meXD). Then I found LOCALPHONE . Oh gosh , thanks god it appear in my life when I'm away 2000 miles from home .

It is not a mobile operator like Digi /maxis/ O2/ orange .It was like IDD stuff so you can still stick with your favourite mobile network .its really very easy to use and very cheap rates ! HOW cheap it is ? Ok i will show you :D

Call back to Malaysia landline only 0.4p per minute. which mean 0.4x5 =2 cent per minute.

Call back to handphone only 1p per minute . which mean 1x5 =5 cent per minute

Cheap right ??

Ok then go Sign up now and start save $$

Firstly you have to sign up first in their website>>> ;Click Here<<
they will teach you how to do after you sign up :P
and you will get 5 mins free call ! you can try to call back and try the quality first before you top up !

Then,you can download the apps from apps store ,Search : Localphone

The apps is like :

You can add contact from the website so you can call them directly with one click.


After you top up your balance will show on the left bottom corner .
It will update after every time you make call.

2. you can call directly if you din add contact to the localphone contact list .


-You can check rates if you wan to call someone in other countries !



After you make call you can check calls history .
So you can track back how much you pay for the call jus now .


Lets see . I called him for 19mins and it only cost me 20 p X5 = RM1 . 
For international call is consider so cheap right ? 

and the quality of call is so so good ! its like normal call quality . this is also why sometimes i donlike call by viber because sometimes the quality of call is like 掉进马桶的声音 ~ 哈哈哈.

Click here to sign up right now ! >>>> Localphone <<<

Ok .. Done sharing hope you guys understand how it works . Feel free to ask if you have any question or you can share to your friend/family who always find excuses for not calling you due to the expensive   phone fees ! so they have no excuses anymore ! HAHAHHAHAHAH Okthanks bye . see ya :P


In case you miss me you can find me at instagram: Hannahliew.. hahahaha :P

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