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Halo people.  Finally the long-waited season summer is here in uk ! No more thick jacket no more thermal top no more boots ! Finally I can wear shorts and Tee to hang out. ngiek ngiek .Last few days our other friends finally done their exam so we decided to have a date .We went Nando's for lunch and planned to sing K at night . It was my first time sing K in uk. Normally I seldom go sing K as I really donno how to sing (and so exp singk in uk @@)but this time I feel like we left so less time to hangout together so I just Go ba liao .

Early In the morning went to the gym for one hour , after that dolled up myself within 1 hour XP. I seriously enjoy make up and also buy cosmetics @@ gosh I realised I splurge alot on cosmetic and brushes recently .Time to do some review! ngiek ngiek ngiek..


Take a fat pic of me before hang out ..

The town is so happening now, feel so good when I see the crowd ~







after queue for 20 mins we finally get our seat ! goshhh.. so hungryyyy~~~


Keith ( our flatemate ) and yee ling ~
suppose there are still have xing ying , Yiwei , Katie with us but did not manage to take picture of them :( maybe we r too hungry already ! wahahha..



The things I like the most in NANDO's is their superb delicious sauces ( love more than the chicken I think XP ahahha ) !I love the Garlic and the Lemon sause the most ! Actually I like all of them !they say I'm so greedy because I actually pour all of them on my plate  XP hahah



gosh I'm so hungryyyyyyyyy

The whole chicken with two sides . 19.9 pounds included 2 more drinks :P Taste heavenly with the sauces .. hehhehe

After the lunch , The girls went to shopping ! I asked them accompany go shu eumera because I wanted to buy something . The services they provided is superrrrrrrr good ! not like KL always got tat kind of sales girl 狗眼看人低, feel like you unable to buy the product gam .. Everytime if I 'm not dressed up I DEFINITELY wont get into those branded cosmetic shop . haha .
In Uk , you can ask them test on your face and they def wont force you to buy ! When I say I want to walk around and come back after that , they will say : sure ! no problem darling ! *with a big smile *




Thats why I'm so easily to splurge on the cosmetic here, their services is tooo good ! :)))
Cant wait to test the new product I bought , will do a review after that . XP


After shopping we have to wait the time pass because we book the karaoke at 7.30 pm XP
What to do while waiting , sure selca selca :DHAHAH

The girls , Hannah , Xing ying , Steph , Katie



Us and the hauls.



Forget to take the picture during the singK session because inside is tooo dark .. and nth to take also ! HAHA.. Msia Neway is much more better ! I miss Neway ! btw , surprisingly their song list is quite updated , the HK ppl so pannai earn money !!

We sing continously 5 hours and the total bill is around 580 ++ pound . @@


Group pic before ciao ~~~~~

Lastly , My ootd :D


Top : Bershka - 4.99 pound
Pants : Topshop -forget
Loafer : Primark - 5 pound
Bag : Lancel


Thanks for viewing  ~ bye bye :P

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