The day we say bye bye 17/9/2012


How are you guyss?  ! it has been 56 days since I left my home . The past 55 days have been a whirlwind of activity: setting down my stay, shopping for basic necessities,adapt to new enviroment , etc etc ~~ will blog more abt it when I'm freee :D

I miss eveyone in malaysia so much ! Eventhough the weather is sucks, I did enjoyed my life here :(Before I came here I expect everything here is so nice and I will love here so much ! But now  i realized I'm typical malaysia girl , I could not stand the coldness eventhough winter not coming yet . Because even in malaysia I cant sleep in an aircon room , I'll flu like hell . hahhahaha .  Besides this , I found everything is great here .

 Only my close friend , katak and famliy send me off on that day. Thanks god I din cry like hell on that day ! i still leng leng ~ HAHAHA :P but i still look so pale :(






The Boyfie ! how are you ! i miss you so much ! Cant wait to see you on CNY !
don't naughty naughty ya :P *evil smile *

 My lovely family~
Thanks for everything dear papa mama gor gor and siss , I know I'm the most blissful one cus I'm the only one able to study abroad and you all work so hard to "invest" me for the expensive education fees, granted me whatever I want .  *huggss**


Hi my blosssooomssssss and the girlsss..
thanks for sending us off on that day .:D miss you all so much , pls gained more weight ya !


 The boysss ! miss u all so much ! i wan yamchaaaaaaa~~~~

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