2012 valentine's day

Both of us not really feel like spent our valentine's day at town area due to the massive jam during 6/7 pm ,So we decided to find some steak house for our dinner around cheras area and movie after dinner ! *yeay*

so we choosed milwaukee steak house to dine in :D

It's around balakong jusco .

Milwaukee Steak Corner
No 13G, Jalan Kasturi 1,
Plaza Kasturi,
Off Jln Balakong,
43200 Cheras

The steak house which is far from town still full of love birds and we waited for more than 1 and half hour for our food T.T




Camwhore while waiting the food comes~
my skin condition getting worse worse and worse* tears drop * whearas my boyf skin condition is sho nice !! = =
* sien*



Fortunely the foods is delicious ! it's worth to wait for long .The food here is much nicer compared to those I've tried before in those concept steak house(Garden/full house blabla bla)
I hate when i have been waiting for so long, the food is suck ! I 'll be mad !
grr ..


no picha after that cus we were rushing for the movie at 9.15 when we are still eating at 9pm ! ==
we never thought 2 hours is not enough for valentine's dinner ! T.T
Oh So sad , couldn't enjoy our food and take more picha


We reached leisure mall at 9.40pm :( for sure we missed the beginning of the結婚那件事 。
oh ya ! 江若琳很漂亮!!The movie also not bad la :D

Tats our simple valentine's day ~ how bout urs?:D
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