2012 my birthday at brighton , U.K

Just feel like want to blog so I'm going to blog now :D

So which to blog first ....

I think I'll blog for my 21st birthday first which already pass for few months ! HAHA.. FYI , my birthday is at 10 / 10  , *such a lovely date  * Big thanks to my mom *  Everyone loves to celebrate birthday so do I ! Every year I am so looking forward to my birthday cus I used to think be a birthday girl is fun but no for next year  T.Tcus I'm half leg step into 22years old d ! OMG such a scary age! there are alot pretty pretty and young young girl now ! I'm SO JEALOUSS !

Thought like want to do a review for my pass few years birthday but I failed to find back any old pics as I din bring my hard disk over UK . HAHa.. must be the photos before 2009 were too ugly ! so did not upload at all ..LOL~










Although my birth is at 10/10 but they had planned a surprise/advance bday celebration on my farewell dinner ! I was so shocked on tat day because I never tot they will celeb with me ! somemore with my favourite pink and chanel cake ! blossom always is the one who knows me well ! hug *

Based on the observation of the pictures on that day , I realized I'm So FUCKING FAT and CHUBBY at that time  ! WHY NOBODY TELLS ME ?! OKAY LA , At least proved tat I'm not gained weight after came to UK , it happened before I came !  I din eat alot here laaaa....T.T Pls don keep say I'm Fat ! I M SO STRESSFUL ALREADYYYY !


We never missed each other's birthday. We used to celebrate every single birthdays. Distance doesn't mean anything when you all mean everything to me :D wait me kay ? :D



Back to the topic , this was my first time celebrate my exact birthday in a foreign country. like somewhere I not used to it  :(
My expectation of my birthday this time was not too high because I was new to here, everything looks so unfamiliar -- enviroment , friends , place , food .... bla bla bla. but at least I got 2 bestie ahyan and 00 will celebrate with me . HAHAH . *self-comfort first *

But ..
at 9/10 ..My flatmates and I planned to go club before the day of my birthday . It also was my first time go to club in brighton . Before we off to club , got somebody knocked my door and ask me to go out Surprisingly my flatmates are all inside the kitchen and singing a birthday song to me with a cake ! OMG I'm so shocked because they are really so sweet !and I received a birthday card from all of them as well . I'm so touched and almost cry T.T




At my exact birthday 1010 , I invited my friends come over my place to dinner ! nothing much just a sweeet simple home party .




let me introduce some of my flatmates!
He is Eric ! he is from Protugal .


He is Adam and the one who are lying on adam leg is siobban .


She is stephanie- she is so nice and friendly ! (right)she is syairah . My all time favorite gossip bestie !

The pretty ahyan with my only 21st birthday present* sound like so pity * wuwuw* -the large customise cupcake . I love the cake so much ! thanks ahyan for the lovely pressie !

Omg the cake is so adorable ! the decoration of the cupcake is my idea from my brilliant brain ! *KILLME* HAHAH*



Special thanks to my 00 and ahyan , my bestie and also my family now . thanks for everythings ! hug*


. My 21st birthday was not as big as others, not receiving a lot of presents like others do, not getting a gold key from parents. But I do really appreciated what I'm having now. Special thanks to my parents. They gave what I'm having now . I have a chance to celebrate my 21st bday at other country also not a bad things what :P I  Thanks for all the wishes from facebook / twitter/ instagram ! 

see ya next time :P gonna rush for assignment now .

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