MA camera

long time ago, My mum promised that she will buy me a LV if i score 5As in SPM .
BUT ,My dad bought me a LV bag even though my SPM result not yet proclaimed. HAHAHA~
as i got some As in spm,i wont miss the chance to LIOK somethings for maself .*BAD GIRL I decided to get a camera for maself *YEAH
I do fancy a camera branded CANNON IXUS 100 IS .. but i cant even found it in M'sia now .#%^*)^$#@#&3

i waiting for yu~

hey, give some comment .which colour is the nicest among black ,red,gold, silver ?

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Cherish 혜연 提到...

哇~LV咧~我超愛的一個品牌!!妳爸對妳還真好呢!!! (".)

jizelle211 提到...


Coolbin426 提到...

i prefer the classic black~

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