mid exam END

er...my mid exam over !! im exhausted!!

My flowers and I went to times GSC to watch LOVE MATTER.
I felt unwell so i cant really enjoy the movie..wat a waste == but the movie is out of my expecting!!
I can't even comprehend the theme of the movie .><
after the movie ,i TAK BOLEH tahan adi~i rushed back to take a rest and waiting my mum bring me consult a doctor....i got MC for tomorrow but i'll attend my class due to there are some exam papers will return back and SPM result out !!!

plez....pray for me =]
by the way,I bought a new spec ! it worth RM 88`
how cheap is it ! but it just an ordinary spec and nth special...

i fall in love with this guy now,
you know who is he?


i admire her alot!!!

she is glamorous and talented!!
someone know wat is her name?
i want to know ,..i think she is singaporeon..

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