hey peeps,

last few days, I hanging out with Mel and Max.
that was so happening ,= =
but we do enjoy it

they are sho cute !
i luv them sho much .
especially mel, she is a very pretty and adorable girl.
I'm jus so envy everythings abt her.
her figure, her smile ,her simple mind, and her love stories.

I asked her if she would marry to bryan and she nodded .
the answer wont change since 2 years ago even i ask her now .

HOW Sweeet .

it makes me feeel like .... wanna fall in love di .

I'm a very simple girl who always want people to love me

12 /3/2010

today i hangging out with "flowers"
we went to neway for sing K .
as usual,we had alot of fun .
I m so in love with them, they make my life full of happiness
, they save me from bitterness,boredom,loneliness.
i cant live without them gah...
i want always stick with them, but they dunwan me geh..haha

chu *

I jus stay at home for whole day ,
yes , WHOLEDAY , never step out my house door.
watched 3 movies.
love jessica alba..gorgeous !

received someone msg can make me laugh laugh laugh ..
how sweeeet it was

miss yiu !

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