Jia Xing 21st Birthday dinner @ PlanB

Finally I blog ! Yes , its like finally . I have been neglected here for few months d omg . It's because I'm too stressed for my assignments and examss,  my final assignments and examss in Malaysia .*I wish too*  .Why ? why ? why is the lastt?Will let u guys know the details after everythings has settled down .

Back to the topic .I supposed blog it jus now but i totally forget I had to blog and I jus doing nothing jus now .Perhaps it is because been too long time I never blog !

Start my 1st blog with my buddy birthday celebration at Plan B @ publika solaris dutamas.
This is my first time step into publika in solaris dutamas . actually not that hard to reach there if you know how to go HELP University . I took so less pic that day cus I've forgetton I have to blog after that . So you guys may jus google it beh ~~
Lets pics do the talking bah ....:D

Happy bday to U jia xing !!


Plan B serves delicious spaghetti. I love their carborana ! too bad we did not manage to try their egg benedict ! T.T

 This !! >>>>>>
Eggs benedict @ Plan b., Bangsar Village I

Look delicious right ? T,T ME WANT ! * photo Credit to crystalCha***



Bens' cakes as the birthday cake!




Since the lighting in Bens was too hard to take nice photo , we decided to take picha with the carousel at the lobby ! Girls are always so happy when they see carousel ! too dreamy too cute too fairy tale~~Lalallaal .
So we force boys to take photo as well ! HAHAHA..







The blossoms and  the King .
 Thank you xinggzzz for caring us since high school , pamper us with lotss of food ,fetch us here and there ! HUGGSSSS* Best Friend forever ok ! We will be there if you need us ! Don jus keep all the sadness by your own , we will LAO LAO ! kekek . Last but not least , Hope you eat less meat and eat more vege ok ! hahahah




 End this post by my outfit of the day :D


I 'm going to blog about Oh hannee eBoutique New arrivals tomorrow !

 stay tuned babeeeesssss ~~

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