Lost My iphone:(

Arh , something happened on me last week makes me feel so down for days !! If you're one of my follower on my facebook/twitter / instagram you might knew it . Its very very very deep sad case *for me la ~~**. My iphone robbed by some FEN CHEONG !


its happenned on last friday when I was see-see-walk-walk on the Taman Segar Night Market ,when I wanted to take out my phone from my bag , I realized my bag had a big hole ! . I'm so shocked at first and I keep asking my friend whats going on ! after 1 minutes I only awake that MY IPHONE LOST ! 100% someone cut my bag and tend to stole something from my bag ! And he /she must be so happy now cus he stole my iphone ! nothing can I do with it so I just hope that he/she will make good use of the money that get from selling my iphone . Perhaps do some charity ? Or I also comfort myself that he/she might emergency need this money to pay for their family huge medical pay . T.T Only like that I will feel better ..HAIZZZZZZzzzzZZz
What the F society is this ...  2k gone and needa pay another 2 k for the new phone .

 Ok . stop this sadness topic .

Just wanna post some OOTD pic which already expose at instagram . ~
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Top: Taiwan
Pants : Oh Hanneeeboutique
Socks: Taiwan  5fen pu
Shoes : DUET


Top : Topshop
Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Taiwan

 Denim Sleeveless Jacket : Pull and Bear
Dress: Times Square
Shoes : Taiwan SHI DA YE SHI

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