♥ Feeling,♥ Hannah Xiao Yu in da house :)

Halo Peopleeeeee
I'm still here but now was already 12.57 am .I should be lying on my comfy bed instead of facing my lappie and start blogging !HAHAH ,
Just wanna do a lil update la this is so called 興致勃勃~ .

Just now I randomly date Xiaoyu for yamcha Session cus I miss her so much ! It has been ages we did not meet each other since the last meet up .As u know , She is such a busy busy busy girl = = So hard to date her la wei !
We chit chat ed/Gossip ed for 4-5hours long I wonder why girls like to talk talk and talk We have non-stop topic but limited time . I will be missing her 99 cus she gonna left malaysia and start chasing her dream at taiwan! I will miss you so much !

Oh ya, I bought this Colour ball key chain just now !Cute max right ?
I just cant wait to share with you guys ..HAHAHA..Click like if you feel nice ~

As usual , this is a pointless post , just ignore if you feel bored
Good night and sweet dream ~~

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