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Hey people !
I'm Hannnahhhhh hannnaaaaah~

I took this photo after my Gentle Flow class this afternoon and it's cheated 1 ! . Cus after tat i eat alot T.T hahah I 'm going to train my abdominal muscle !!,Post here because I want to tell myself please keep going and dont cheat your readerss = = HAHA

Since there are some people asking me
" hannah , Where You learn yoga ? nice mou ? howmuch ?,
so I have decided HAO HAO LAI intro the place I learn yoga .

I have been learning yoga since 1 year ago .The main purpose I learn yoga is because I want to lose weight . ( 48kg for 154 cm is damn scary okay ?! ) This is the only way i can get sweat and wet. == HAHA .
My weight drop from 48kg to 41/42 kg because of yoga ! ( of course you have to diet and eat less la ! ) Don think you keep eating junk food, french fries hamburger but do yoga everyday will lose weight !

Yoga brings many benefits and advantages:

1.Yoga can be used to stimulate the glands, organs, muscles, and nerves, and this is in ways that other forms of exercise cannot.

2.muscle tightness and strain can be quickly relieved or even rid of entirely with yoga, and both circulation and digestion can be improved .

3.. Bla bla bla .

4. to know more u can GOOGLE it .

Where is the yoga studio I used to go ?


It's inside this building 5th floor which opposite to Cheras Leisure Mall.

(Dont tell me u donno ak ! ) haheheh
IF you really donno please google it , here the addresss :

Level 5, Plaza Cheras
11 Jalan Manis 1
Taman Segar
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-9130 8398
Fax : 03-9130 7398

2. How much is the fees per month ?

Red Plan means 8 classes per month

Silver Plan ,means unlimited class per month . you can go (ifinity) times per month ,aslong as got class available.

Here is the timetable , they change once a week .

for more info please Click : Energy Yoga to know more :)

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones , lets get started to move your lazy body ! :)))

leave comment if you had any question.
as well, leave comment if you want to say Hi ~ hahah ^^

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