Last weekend *

I'm freaking sien so i wan to write blog la !
yeah !

Last saturday went out for movie with mua beeee..hoho
we watched The sorcerrer's apprentice.
i feeel not bad la .. better than some Hong kong comedy movie ,some of them so so sien and wasting money . hai boh ? ngiek ngiek

I bought the hair curler 1 years ago but I very dupy seldom use it to curl my hair. *cus i'm a lazy gia * haha.

sho tat day i decided to curl my hair since im so freee.. ha
i did not use any hair spray/wax after curl my hair because i hate those wax/ spray smell .
or u guys can recommend me any nice-smell-curling-hair spray ?
really neeeed it ! cus tat curl will be straighten after few hour = = * sien *



nah !
i use this hair curler,
babyliss Pro. 32mm, with ceramic surface .

i love tis very much ! cus 32 mm can curl very nice curl .
most of the popteen model use 32mm !
* but i'm a newbie , I cant curl really nice curl :( * hohoho

Yeeling and I bought it 2gether , so we get cheaper price which only cost 100buckss. * yeah *

all of flowers own 1 .hehe .
go and grab itt ! yuuhoo

* my first try , so dun laugh at mi kay ?! * :(



I ask my beee in da car .
H : my curl leng mou ?
A : ok lor . .
H : = =

ciu ~~~


recently am so poor,
use lots money . :(

have to find some job during my sembreak .

my Final is coming laaa...
start emo la ! = =

my midterm result ok ok only ..
18.14/20 = econ
27.3 /30 = acc
not yet see my mkt result
mus so shit = =

i only know my marks but i dunno what i have wrong .
so how can we learn from mistakes ?

why they want to throw our paper into recycle bin instead of return back to us ?
why ? telll mi why ~~

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