Happy Bday to You ! :)

Halo people ..
I gonna update my blog lak :)

this gonna be a lil short post cus I'm lazy beee..= = haha

Last thursday .....
I follow my bee went to yeefish bday celebration at Jaya One ~
My bee be the driver but quite hard to find there because We aren't PJ gia...

finally we reached there successfully but our tummy started roaring *yamgong*

we still can't decide even though we have considered for a long time because there have tons of restaurant with nice ambiance

Finally we choseeeee....
Tada *claps*
Not bad la , They serve spaghetti , pizza , steak , bla bla bla
Their Pizzza with thin crust is Da BEST ! * recommend*

soweee for not much Picha because im Shy Shy on tat day ~ hahah = =


* the Birthday Girl with The burberry parfume presssie <3 href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/46884268@N04/5021833181/" title="IMG_4680 by Hannah Liew, on Flickr">IMG_4680

the Bday Girl with Unilam~


Group pic

After that we went for bowling session * actually jus boys playing bowling and girls are chatting ==*

nice to meet you girlss * ru and Yeefish *
They are nice enough !!

hav a nice day with you all

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