How to DIY a CHIO iphone case♥

Today I gonna share about how I DIY my Iphone Case♥

Actually I wanted to do those exaggeration Iphone case badly but it's too 3D .I scare it will drop this drop that after few months since I'm so rude, so I have decided to do a simple Bling Bling 1 ! yeay !

Firstly ,what you have to do is to prepare a pair of scissor , some jewelry sticker, and a Iphone case .

    p/s :4 pcs Jewelry sticker for Leather case whereas 2 pcs sticker for normal case is enough I think

The iphone case theme that I want is Red MaMA !   so it's depends on your preferences . If you like blue colour then u should buy a blue colour case and blue jewelry sticker.

*please do not buy Red colour phone case with blue colour bling bling ! understand? :)



Secondly , Just cut and paste !

Thirdly , TADA  ! Done




Simple and nice right ? move your ass off and DIY a nice one for yourself ♥

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