♥ Formula 1 Sepang International circuit

TADA ~ I'm here again to update my blog.I think it will be a short post again @@
In the past 3 days ,I had been working as red bull girl in F1sepang International Circuit.It definitely torture me due to the F**king big sun ! Fortunely I got a very nice/cute team of teammate work with me otherwise I will very very hate this job.

Our jobscope is just selling / promote our red bull energize drink and gap zai .= =  Seriously there are alot of leng zai leng lui ang mo ! How could them being so handsome/pretty?jealous to the Max :(

I didn'nt really take much photo due to no camera and we sweat like hell all the time, don really wants to take much photo with our fugly face @@

Wess               Joey           Jackee           Jasmine            Hannah           David               Chris 

The main entrance


Hannah and Joey

Hannah and Jasmine


Hannah and Jackee .
*She is damn damn pretty and only 18 years old ! Jealous...*



Lots of people on the last day ! pic above it just one of the part , can u imaging how crowded were there?

When the race start, nobody wants to buy redbull from us so we just sit down and enjoy the race. This is my first time seeing F1 in LIVE .Excited to the max ! congratz to the champion Sebastian Vettel !

Yeay, feel so happy after done our job so we decided to have a steamboot session at the last day .We eat and laugh while having our late dinner. Thanks Jason for fetching me back after steamboot ^^
Everyone becomes so tan after this job but they said I still so fair .! @@ yeay , Thanks to SUNPLAY SPF130++  ,Umbrella and Cap. It's important to apply plenty of sunblock before you wanna hang out ! KAKA

See you ~ will update sooner. TATA ^^

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