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HALO People, Its time to blog some food post to tempt you guys at this mid night,HAHAA, I know I'm so cruel but I born to be devil  ! *RED FACE * hahah ~
OOPs.. I blogged about La bodega before( click Here ) but still wanna share some new food to u guys. tee hee

The thing I love Lo bodega is the wide choice of  finger food (TAPAS)and their spaghetti  ,which is super hyper delicous!

Here is the menu of La bodega  :

My always must order item is their potatoes ,which really so delicious and special :)
the (small )potatoes's price is about RM 11-12



Spaghetti price range is about RM18 to RM28 


The paella XXXX (spanish rice ) might be too oily for most of the people . So if you are on diet  say not to him please  :)


 Deep fried goat's chees with lemon honey  RM 26

 .I think it's not worthy ,cus the cheeses is too little ..@@



Potatoe wedges with garlic mayonnaise Rm 11


must order item* Highly recommended*--
Button mushroom sauteed with olive oil and garlic RM 15



I have forgotten what is the name of the dish , it's something like chicken stick  and very delicious as well . Recommended .:)


The another reason why we dine at Labodega oftenly is ......My bee got his way to get 50% discount for every food inside Labodega ! super awesome right ?! everything is halfprice .!!

U want to know why ????. .weee.
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Good night everyone ^^ Always blog at the midnight .WTF = = ,I donwan dark circle lorrrr~~


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