♥LookOfTheDay♥ Casual Sweet look

The simple look of me on that day .
Usually I will wear some special/pretty dress on my blossom birthday celebration,but recently the weather drives me crazy so I rather choose some comfy outfit instead of dresss since I have to go to kuchai dye my hair before heading to ze bday celebration.

Nude soft "blazer" :     Sungei wang 6th floor (5551)  . Rm 70
Black Spaghetti Top : cotton On
Jeans :                       He Qing Yuan
Stocking :                  Topshop
Pink Heels :                        Vincci

Since there are some people asking me about where I bought my soft blazer ( sorry I dunno What should i call it  :(  ) , Nah ! I gonna tell u guys now , I bought it few week ago so i think the stock is still available at the shop now , go and grab it before it sold out .
I bought it at sungei wang 6th floor ,the shop name is 5551.(near  the toilet /greenbox ). It cost 69.9 bucks . I bet u guys can find the exactly same one in another shop but i suggest u guys buy at 5551 because the boss is tailor, she can alters the clothes if the clothes doesn't suit you , and it is FREE OF CHARGE !  Actually this blazer is too big for me but she can tailor it until it suit me well ~ cool right ?  :)

actually hor , I thought people will focus on my stocking instead of my blazerrr....Why don hav people ask about that d ? WUWUUWWUUW ,may b my leg is too FAT and SHORT ! WTF .
I love This stocking so muchhhhhh... cool right ?simple and nice ~ U can wear with jeans/skirt/dresss.
Go grab it !
Recently  I'm really into those special and nice stocking ....


Look Of sook Yeeee..~
Cute right ?
She is 1000% princesss, She only love pink and nude . LOLZ~~


The sexy girl look


Seriously I m so moody now .. So thats all for today :(

P/s : 我賣了我可愛 的牛津鞋給可愛的有緣人了~ 幸好他喜歡 哦~~ :)

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